Walking in Two Worlds

Biindigen (welcome)!

You are now reading my very first post on my new blog.  Exciting?  Hmm…possibly for you but definitely for me.   For a few years now, I have been using other sources of social media to share my perspective of a First Nation woman living in an urban environment.  However, this is my first attempt at a blog.  I’m learning – bear with me.

Many people have encouraged me to start a blog but I have always been hesitant.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always dreamed about being that girl.  Sitting in a coffee shop posting musings that others find interesting.  Can’t you just picture me with my latte and black-rimmed glasses?

I just simply wondered if I could offer a perspective that actually WAS interesting?

Inspiration struck when I read a quote from the CBC series “8th Fire” website.  It made me realize that I do have an interesting perspective.  The quote is:

“We’ve seen so many strategies that were set up to assimilate people, and we’re still here. For me, we can be a native person that has a foot in the bush and a foot in town, but really be who we are and in a modern world.” – Edith Cloutier

With this quote, I realized that I am that Native person.  I have a foot in the bush and a foot in town (or in this case, a REALLY big city).  I grew up on a small reserve in Northern Ontario, left to attend university in a (relatively) urban centre and then moved to work in Toronto.  I definitely have a perspective worth sharing because there are increasing numbers of Aboriginal people moving to urban centres.   Leaving home to live, love, work, and raise their families away from their first influences.  I am not alone.

So there you have it.  My blog will be on my life bridging my background and culture with my new(ish) reality.  I’ve had some time to adjust so you will read some stories from past experiences, but you will also read some newly minted stories.  Believe me – they crop up everywhere.

Baamaapii (See you again).

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