No rest for the wicked….

…. or in my case the semi-obsessive compulsive that cannot sit still.

Today I got a lecture from Fuzz about slowing down and taking things easy.  I had cold symptoms all week (head ache, sore throat, burny chest) but it never quite developed into the full-blown cold that our kid, Whirlwind, just got over.

What did I do?  Well, I just kept going like the Energizer Bunny.  I still got up at 6:30 in the morning even though Fuzz has been home with Whirlwind.  I washed our couch covers.  I walked the dogs.  I went grocery shopping…twice.  I made PB and J cupcakes to accompany our Roast Beef Mango Chutney sandwiches.  I took Whirlwind to see Chimpanzee and Thomas the Train at the mall the next day.  I washed the baseboards on my main floor.  I preserved art projects with semi-gloss shellac.  I bundled cut tree limbs for compost.

Seriously.  It’s like I am physically incapable of sitting still.  The only time I sit still is when I am working my day job.  You know – the one I get paid for.  It’s just my physical respite as my brain is still churning, my ears are listening to meetings on speakerphones and my fingers are typing furiously.  Note: This is when I get the lecture that I should at least take a break to get up to eat and drink (will I ever win?!)

As for the brewing cold, I naively hoped that it would just have those muted symptoms that would eventually disappear.


As the day wore on today, my nose started leaking.  My chest burned like a molten field of lava.  My cough is now hacky and hoarse.  I sometimes get a stabbing pain in my left ear that is surprising not caused by Fuzz sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Awesome…not!

I think it is finally time to rest.  It’s a good thing I bought paint for the nursery at lunch and re-potted my houseplants after work 😉


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