Fuzzisms – The Debut

Those of you that know my husband, know that that the most ridiculous things come out of his mouth. What makes these “Fuzzisms” (as they are now affectionately called) most funny is that he is usually not meaning to be funny. At all. We’re talking dead-pan serious.

I have been compiling a list of Fuzzisms to draw from now that I have an additional forum to share his ridiculousness. After toying with the best format, I decided that Fuzzisms will be a recurring post. Each post will have two unheard Fuzzisms with one classic that has been well shared among our family members.


  • Me – I know that it anatomically and biologically impossible, but do you think Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo become more than just friends?

Fuzz – Nah, I don’t think so. Dory seems like a lesbian to me.

  • Fuzz was coerced to endure watching my new favourite show “The Chew”

Chef Micheal Symon – I love lamb.

Fuzz – Did he just say I love lamp?

Me – ; No! He said I love lamb…as in lamb chops.

Fuzz – Oh, I thought it was like Ron Burgandy’s “I love lamp” but the chef version. Do you really love lamb? Or are you just saying it because you are cooking it?

  • Chatting on Skype with my Dad.

My Dad – What kind of engineer is your brother’s girlfriend?

Fuzz – I don’t know. Something to do with rocks. I’ll text Cujo (our pomeranian, not his brother) to find out.

Me – Cujo? Really?

Fuzz – Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Cujo is not going to know. Even if he did would he text me back with his tiny paws on his tiny little phone?


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