Fuzzisms #3: Reality TV Edition….with a small dose of pregnancy reality

I think I mentioned before that I keep a running list of Fuzzisms to draw from.  I do this because I’m pregnant.  I’m sure that most pregnant women and mothers can relate.  It’s called pregnancy brain, mommy brain or mommy amnesia.  My personal favourite, however, is momnesia.

This week I had the mother of all Fuzzisms related to TV…but I didn’t write it down!!!! It’s sitting there on the edge of my brain.  I can almost grasp it but it’s gone as soon as I feel the inkling of the memory.  The best I can recall is that it was related to House of Bryan on HGTV Canada, but don’t hold me to that either.

I tried to hold off on this post because I was certain I would remember.  No dice though.  Hence, the decision to combine this Fuzzism post with a dose of my own reality. Enjoy the two Fuzzisms that I did write down and perhaps one day I will remember.  Most likely at the oddest time – in the produce section of Metro, pulling weeds from the garden, trying to recall the lyrics to Boot Scootin’ Boogie or waking after one of my crazy pregnant dreams at 2 AM.

  • Me – What are you going to do if our baby girl grows up to have my boobs and your butt?

Fuzz – Get her a reality show.  She will be the next Kim Kardashian.

  • Fuzz – (Watching Storage Wars) If I was not already married to you, I would marry Barry.


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