Fuzzisms #4 – Special Bonus Nerd Edition

I am blessed with the opportunity to occasionally work from home a few days per week.  Normally, I am squirreled away in my air conditioned home office barely stopping to look up, let alone eat or drink.  Due to some changes in child care arrangements this week, our son was at day care and I happened to be working from home on a day when Fuzz came home in the afternoon. 

Fuzz has been (trying?) to build me tiered garden boxes for the last few weeks.  He keeps running into issues that I have to solve for him.  After his 16th visit to my office to ask me a garden box question again, he suggested that I actually venture out of my mole hole to work on the back patio.  What a totally foreign idea!  I liked it….until this happened.

Fuzz – Can you verify if my math is correct before I put up the supports for this lattice?

Me – Sure <getting up from my patio chair>

Fuzz – Look at your legs!

Me – <looking down> What?

Fuzz – You have a lap top farmer’s tan!

Me – No! <aghast!>

Fuzz – Yep, you have officially crossed over to the realm of super nerd…and you have the marks on your body to prove it.


Photographic proof – excuse the pregnancy dimples!

….and I will now crawl quietly back into my happy work place.  Where I can continue to be cool and pale while reigning over my quiet nerdom. 




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