Right brain? Left brain?

A friend of mine recently sent me a quiz that assessed whether or not a person is right brain or left brain dominant.  It was no surprise that I was 62% left brain and 38% right brain.  A left brain dominant tends to be more of a critical, scientific thinker while a right brain dominant tends to be more of a creative, intuitive thinker.  Maybe it is the 38% of my brain thinking this, but I think that the dominant side of the brain is a more fluid or dynamic concept.

I grew up wanting to be an artist.  When my parents asked what type of sports or activity I wanted to join, I elected to start art classes at the local art gallery.  My Grandpops encouraged this path by buying me my supplies.  He was also quite the artist himself.  It may very well be in the genes, he is related to the famous Woodland artist, Norval Morrisseau after all.

Somewhere along the line in high school, I came to the conclusion that it could be difficult to make a living as an artist.  I took art classes every year to Grade 13 (I’m dating myself here), but I did not want to end up a “starving artist”.  I briefly entertained taking Fine Art in university with goals to become an art historian, however, I ultimately decided to go with my second favourite subject; biology.

I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2005.  I thought about becoming a coroner, but in order to do that in the province of Ontario, I first needed to become a medical doctor.  I applied to a few medical schools and did not pass the interview stage.  Perhaps those interviewers saw through me.  I had only wanted to become a doctor for prestige and prove that a First Nations woman could do it.  It really did not interest me, as I just wanted to investigate why people died.  Looking back, I think that not getting in to a school was probably one of the better things to happen to me.  I would not even dream of becoming a doctor today.  I really do not believe in just treating one aspect of health (in this case, the physical body) when health is of a more holistic nature (including mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental aspects).  I also cannot even take a Tylenol without going to sleep for days, so how could I prescribe drugs when I don’t even take them myself.  It was because of these reasons that I chose to continue my education and obtained my Master degree in Public Health.

Bear with me here.  I digressed.  I wanted to explain that I started off life being a right brain thinker and then went on to become a left brain thinker.  I became a master of laboratory reports, graphs, titrations and dissections.  Recently, I became more than efficient in qualitative and quantitative data collection, analyses and reporting.

While I LOVE that stuff, I started to feel like I was losing touch with the right side of my brain.  I was becoming too logical, too numerical, too analytical.  So I went out and bought this book:


I fully intended to start using it, but something else happened.  I just felt creativity come back on it’s own.

I accepted a 30-day drawing challenge – pencil is my favourite medium.  I started trolling through Pintrest for any DIY craft that I could do.  I bought material to sew the curtains, bedding and pillows for the baby’s room.  I’ve been scouring home decor stores for the perfect accents for the baby’s nursery.  I’ve considered taking a creative writing course.


Challenge Day 1 – A self portrait


Nursery decor.


Challenge Day 2 – Favourite Animal









I really have no explanation for all of it.  Perhaps this blog was the catalyst.  Perhaps this baby is going to be a creative cat.  Perhaps I just opened the flood gates and the 38% could not be held back anymore.  Perhaps I will not be “nesting” during this final month of pregnancy, but “creating”.

Whatever it is, it feels good.


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