Evolution of the Nap

1:30 – I am sitting on the edge of Whirlwind’s bed waiting for him to fall asleep while holding a sleeping baby.

1:35 – Whirlwind is sound asleep.

1:35:10 – I remove Thomas the Tank Engine from Whirlwind’s chubby hand.

1:36 – I walk down the hall to Sunshine’s room.

1:36:10 – I carefully check Sunshine’s limbs for the dead weight indicative of a sleeping baby.  Good to go.

1:36:15 – I place Sunshine on her back in her crib and wait with baited breath.

1:36:55 – I am now rocking Sunshine back to sleep on the recliner in her room.

2:30 – I wake with a pain in my neck from sleeping with my head bent over at an unnatural angle.

2:45 – Sunshine stirs with gassy pains.  I bicycle her legs and she seems to settle down.

2:50 – I try to recline back with Sunshine back to sleep on my chest.

2:50:15 – Sunshine doesn’t like this and I’m back to trying to sleep without my head lolling forward.

3:02 – The air conditioner starts up quietly.  The world’s most neurotic dog launches into a 5 minute barking tirade downstairs because we all know that we need protection from the scary air conditioning. 

The world’s most neurotic dog.

3:02:30 – Whirlwind is calling for Mama from his room.

3:02:35 – I am carrying a sleeping baby back down the hall to Whirlwind’s room, while yelling at the dog (along with a few curses said under my breath).

3:05 – Whirlwind is back to sleep.

3:10 – I am sandwiched between a sleeping baby and toddler, wide awake, writing this blog post on my phone.  See the photographic proof here.

The saying should be changed from “No rest for the wicked” to “No rest for Moms….ever”.


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