Fuzzisms #5: The X Files

Our guilty pleasure, True Blood, ended it’s season this past Sunday.  In honour, this Fuzzism is dedicated to all things (super?)natural.

#1 – Vamps

Me – Stop chewing your nails.  It spreads germs.

Fuzz – What do you mean?  Nobody saw me, not even you.

Me – You are not a vampire, you cannot glamour me.

Fuzz – How do you know I am not a vampire.  I am dashingly handsome.

Me – <laughter>

Fuzz – If you want to glamour me, just keep laughing because they (the ginormous nursing boobs) keep jiggling.


#2 – Cryptozoology

Fuzz and I are driving down a rural road and there is a dead animal on the side of the road.

Fuzz – What the heck was that?!

Me – I think it was a dead cat.

Fuzz – Oh, I thought it was a mini abominable snow man.

Me – WTF?! <scrunched up weird face>

Fuzz – No, seriously.  It was white with a gray face and hands.

Me – Because cats are never white with gray markings <still wearing weird face>.



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