No TV and Beer makes Fuzz go Something Something

Fuzz grew up in the sticks.  He didn’t have TV, except for a few local channels broadcast to an aerial antenna.  I can somewhat relate because my reserve didn’t have cable when I first moved there.  Needless to say, one of the happiest days of my life was when they ran television cable across the bridge to the reserve.  I no longer had to watch nature shows on TVO with my Grandpops or listen to country music radio.

I did, however, live in the city for the first part of my life.  We had television.  I watched a lot of it.  Much Music (the Canadian equivalent of MTV for my American readers).  The New Micky Mouse Club with young JT and Ryan Gosling (who would think that such talent existed in those prepubescent boys?).  Saturday Night Live.  The Simpsons.

Fuzz totally missed out on all this.  Can you imagine how terrible it is trying to discuss music videos with some one who can’t relate?  He doesn’t even know one of the best videos of all time:  Take On Me by A-Ha.  For serious. 

Fuzz does, however, make up for a lot of TV that he did miss.  He watches a whole shit load of The Simpsons and Much Music.  You know the channel that you turn on just to have noise in the background?  His choice is Much Music.

He left it on (again!) when he left for work this morning.  I must be getting up there in age because I do not know any of those kids on there – except One Direction.  It’s kinda hard to avoid them these days.  I suppose I’m not going to know any of them until Sunshine is old enough to be obsessed with the music sensation of the moment.  Perhaps, I’m not going to have to know much at all because Fuzz will probably still be watching Much Music next to her.

Baamaapii (typed just as New Kids on the Block came up on iTunes shuffle – no joke!)

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