It’s Not the Indian Way

Whirlwind has taken to waking up a couple of times during the night.  He runs in our room, sometimes slamming his bedroom door and our bedroom door behind him.  Buddy Blanket, his trusty companion, in tow.  While this was not a problem a couple of weeks before Sunshine was born, the slamming doors now wake Sunshine sleeping in the bassinet beside our bed.

He never wants to climb in our bed despite my occasional pleading because sleep has become precious. It also does not take a lot to get him back to sleep.  It is usually just a walk back across the hall and another tuck in to make him “comfy cozy”.  The good news for me is that he most often asks for Dada to do this. 

Fuzz has become a walking zombie because he wakes up when both kids awake in the night.  We have been trying all the advice offered to us.  We have been reading books and magazines.  We have researched on the Interweb.

We put a sticker reward chart up on a wall in his room.  The intent was to get a sticker for each night that he stayed in his bed.  One sticker would be small gift, 3 stickers would be another, 5 would be another and 10 whole stickers would be something cool of his choosing.   We had one night of success, however, it was also the same night that we had smudged his room to get rid of the “scaries”.  It was a poorly designed experiment because the cleansing became a confounding factor (that’s geek speak for not knowing whether the successful night was attributable to the reward or the smudging).

To try to answer the question, I did do another smudge in his presence.  He was pointing out all these areas of his room that needed to be smudged – behind the door, under his night stand table, behind the curtain.  I was beginning to wonder if he was seeing something that I wasn’t – ha!  He did get up that night but I intercepted him before he left the room.

Last night he woke up before we went to sleep.  Fuzz automatically went upstairs to put him back to bed…but he came back down because Whirlwind was asking for Mama.  I went up.  I tucked him in and sat on the side of the bed, like all the recommendations made to us.   While sitting there I remembered something my Mama (my Dad’s mom) said to me.  She said told me to never let my baby cry, it’s not the Indian way.  It’s my job to teach by modeling not forcing.  Good behaviour will follow.    

With that advice in mind, I remembered that Whirlwind would not be young forever.  There will come a day when he won’t want me to even step one foot in his room.  So I laid my head beside him and snuggled in.  I knew that this was the right choice when he reached his warm little hand and placed it on my cheek before falling asleep.


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