Act Naturally

Ever since Whirlwind was a baby, people have been telling us to “get that kid an agent”. I was always skeptical of doing that because a) most children are cute and precocious and b) I didn’t want him to feel forced into “work” at such a young age. I’m a big believer in letting a child be a child.

The remarks from strangers wherever we go are easy to ignore. It’s to the point now where we think “yeah, yeah – he’s a cute kid” or “yeah, yeah – he certainly does have a cute Kirk Douglas chin (this one usually comes from the older women, if you cannot tell from the age of the actor). My personal favourite remark has to be the woman that asked Fuzz what ancestry his wife was because Whirlwind looks nothing like him….followed up by “oh, mixed race kids are always the cutest”. Complete strangers always say the funniest things.

What we are now finding harder to ignore, is that Whirlwind now says that he wants to be an actor. More specifically, he wants to act in dinosaur films. Fuzz rented him Jurassic Park a few mornings ago. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to give him another reason to run in our room at night. However, the opposite happened. He wasn’t scared; he now has a frame of reference on how to react to a dinosaur attack. We went to a corn maze later that day and he was pretending that a dinosaur was coming through the corn stalks. Of course, he acted appropriately – shaking, screaming and running.

Whirlwind will also do anything for a laugh. Since he is just a budding comedy actor, he doesn’t quite know what will successfully garner a laugh from someone. Once he does get a laugh though, watch out! He will do that thing over and over again. He even re-enacts when he gets hurt – physical comedy! We are now trying to teach him that doing the same thing over and over again is not as funny as the first couple of times. What he has learned though is that he just has to make his Dad laugh while he is getting in trouble and the trouble is forgotten. Good thing Mommy is a tougher cookie.

I was out shopping for greeting cards the other day and the store was giving away two free key chains to their shoppers. I chose one for each of my kid’s birthdays. Here is Whirlwind’s key chain:


How coincidental is that? Maybe his penchant for acting comes from a combination of things:

– his birth date

– his cleft chin because I’ve also heard from the random admirers that those with clefts like to be in the spotlight

– the town we live in (maybe it’s something in our water?!) as two very famous comedic actors were born here

– a healthy dose of self esteem from always hearing how he’s cute enough for movies

Now we have Sunshine. She was also born with Fuzz’s chin. If she’s also inherited her Dad’s singing voice, we may have another Adele or Demi Lovato on our hands.

Oy says the girl that would rather be in a library than a spotlight!


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