A Few of my Favourite Things – Breastfeeding Edition

This week, October 1-7, is World Breastfeeding week. I’m a proud breastfeeding mama so I did up one of my lists to honour the occasion.

Here are a few of my favourite breastfeeding things:

– not having to sterilize and mix bottles
– being able to leave home without food. I just have to bring myself
– knowing that I’m providing all the sustenance my baby needs and I’m setting her up for optimal health her entire life
– it’s FREE! No need for an added formula expense
– not having to “wake up” for night feedings. Fuzz hands her to me, she sleepily eats while I fall back to sleep. Fuzz burps her and puts her back in her bed twenty minutes later.
– the incredible bond we have. I love the quiet time we share when she needs to eat
– providing and receiving peer support from other Moms at our La Leche League
– not worrying about spit up because breast milk does not leave stains
– my super fancy Medela electric breast pump. My Mom bought it for me and it pumps milk by mimicking how a baby eats. I can pump milk without creating over supply
– I am feeding her how my ancestors fed their babies. Doodooshaaboo.
– baby poop does not stink (until solid foods are introduced, that is)
– no other person can provide what I can. Fuzz and others can feed the baby expressed milk but she still needs ME to provide for her
– knowing that I overcame one of the biggest struggles of my life: Whirlwind did not latch properly and we struggled with breastfeeding for over four months. We persevered and he self-weaned at 14 months.

Now because life is about balance, here are the very few things that I dislike:
– leaky boobs when the baby sleeps through a feeding or let down when the baby cries.
– not being able to enjoy a glass of wine without pumping and dumping. It feels like a waste to dump so I just don’t drink. I went 9 months, what’s another year or two?
– missing a glass of cold milk with cookies because of her intolerance

I feel that these dislikes are a small price to pay though. I really enjoy the time with my baby and providing peer support. It just works for me.

Enjoy your week!


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