Week One (Again!)

I just completed my first week of training…again.

I did a Couch to 5K at the end of last year but the “most wonderful” time of the year came and went. With it came indulgence and very little exercise. I finally got back on the wagon mid January. My meal choices improved and I stopped eating out. This was my first week back to running though, this time training for a specific run – The Toronto Sporting Life 10K. My first race!

During my run tonight I was thinking about different ways to keep me accountable to my health. One way is to continue to allow the training app post statuses and tweets on my behalf. I finally figured out how to keep the app from doing this but then I had more than a few people tell me that it inspired them. In fact, I now have a cousin using the same training program as me and friends using the C25K and the half marathon app.

Another way is to write about my weekly progress here. I’ve decided to post a few things about my week and one of the songs that made my playlist for the week. Hopefully, it will keep the others (and myself) motivated.

Lastly, I was thinking (and I STRESS thinking) about posting my weight, BMI and body fat% until I reach my goal weight. Now this would make me ultra-accountable but I am just not sure if I am brave enough yet. We’ll see.

So here are the stats from my first week:

All Indoor treadmill runs

Time – 90 minutes, 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Distance – 6.2 miles (or almost 10K)

Intervals – 1 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute warm up and cool down

Walk speed – 3.5/mph

Run speed – I started at jogging at 5 mph but my average speed was 5.5 mph. I increase my speed as the run progresses and then go all out on the last minute. The fastest speed was only 6.5 mph this week.

Calories burned – 760

Play list song – My Wish by Rascall Flats played while stretching. This song makes me think about my kids. They are my main reason for becoming healthier.

Check back next week. It should be a fairly easy week again. I guess my body remembered more from the C25K than I thought it did.


Northern Comfort

I finally started running again this week.  Hooray me!  I can almost hear the sigh of relief from the seams of my jeans.  Things were getting a little (okay – a lot!) tight.  Running usually clears my head, gives me time to process thoughts and sometimes sparks a great idea.  I think I have waaayy too much to process lately because running is just not cutting it.  My brain is such a jumble.  Maybe writing will help?  I don’t know.

I thought I would give it a try.  I sat staring at my saved list with my four or five drafts staring back at me.  I did not have a feel for any of them, yet I did not know what I wanted to newly write about.  I then glanced down the bed at my feet (yes, I’m in bed at 8 PM).  My feet clad in the biggest, wooliest, blue socks ever.  Don’t hold me to that, but they are pretty big and blue.  See my photo.


Big Blues

Now I tried to pose my feet in the photo so that it did appear that I have ankles.  No dice.  I do have skinny Nish ankles under there – I swear.  The socks are just that big.  Why am I wearing such big socks, you ask?

These socks were made by my Granny for my Grandpops.  Now Grandpops was not the smallest guy around.  He was well over 6 feet tall with a size 13 shoe.  He was one large dude.  He used to wear a hat that said F.B.I. which in the days before Facebook meant F@c$ing Big Indian.

Now I loved these socks since the day my Granny made them.  I am now wondering why I never just asked Granny to make my own pair for a 5’8″, size 8 shoed girl.  I guess I didn’t need to because my Grandpops passed not too long after the socks were made and passed on to me.  I’m also actually glad that I never did ask for my own socks.  For these giant socks bring me comfort.

I wear these socks when I’m sick.  I wear these socks when I’m sad.  I wear these socks when I’m relaxing in front of the fire knitting or reading.  You get the picture.

The reason that these socks are out again was because I was cold.  It has been colder than usual here in the GTA and my bed was freezing!  I got up and pulled on the socks.  I slid back under the covers and had the sleep only a child has.  That’s the power of the socks.  They bring so much comfort from a time when I was young and my Granny and Grandpops were still here with us.

Maybe that’s the true reason the socks are out.  I just need some comfort to ease my jumbled mind.



A Mother’s Thoughts

It’s 2:43 AM.

I can’t sleep.  I awoke at midnight because the baby cried out needing comfort for a nasty bout of teething pain.  After I nursed her, I sat rocking and sushing her to back to sleep.  The only light was from my smart phone.  I was reading the vile and vitriolic hate smeared on my Facebook and Twitter Feeds.

My husband came home from work and took over soothing the baby.  I returned to my bed where my son lay sleeping.  I too tried to sleep but I could not help think about what I read tonight and over the last few weeks.  I have been silent about it all because I think I am still trying to process how people can be so blatantly cruel.  People fastened to beliefs fueled by cultural hegemony.

As I embraced my innocent two-year old son, I could not help but think of how a Jewish mother feels, an African-American mother feels, a Two-spirited mother feels or all other mothers that have and continue to be discriminated against.  I wept thinking about how my ancestors must have felt when their children were there one day and stolen from them the next.  Only to return foreign and alienated.  Exposed to horror, away from comforting hands.  If they returned at all.

These thoughts made me cling harder to my son.  He must have known that I needed him as much as he needs me.  He placed his hand on my arm in such a reassuringly way.  It made me want to get up and finally break my silence.  I will no longer hide for that is what angry trolls do. 

I need to forge ahead, continue to educate people and make this world a better place for my children and your children.  They should never have to lay awake at night wondering why discrimination exists in this country, because it doesn’t.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” – John Lennon.


M.I.A. Again

I think my last post promised that I would be writing more.  Well, that didn’t happen – sorry.  I started a few drafts that I will get up one of these days.  In the coming weeks (when I get my bannock buns in gear) you should probably see posts on:

–       Our trek up North

–       Antibiotic hell

–       Resolutions, Smesolutions

–       Idle No More

–       Junk food wasted (AKA don’t you put it in your mouth)

–       Holiday weight gain and my quest to lose 30+ pounds

–       The breastfeeding crusade

–       How I became a co-sleeping Mommy

–       Post-natal hair loss (AKA wookies in the drain)

–       My new vision board

–       And more…. these are just the drafts that I have to finish.

I’ve been thinking about how to keep up my writing momentum and I decided to do bi-weekly themed posts as well as a monthly themed post. 

I came up with my first weekly themed post as I was running (which also fell by the wayside this month – bad, bad girl!)  Running with music helps me stay the course.  Songs will come up on the playlist that transport me back to a long forgotten or fondly remembered time in my life.  Some songs have lyrics that just resonate with how I may be feeling that particular day.   I will be getting back to running this week and I plan to run every week, hence my weekly recurring post would focus on the song and memory/feeling that it invokes.  The running should keep the songs coming and the need to choose a song should keep me running.  A win-win situation if you ask me. 

The second weeks themed post will be on some thing really cool that I purchased, crafted, cooked or baked.  I’ve been seriously crushing on Pinterest for a while now and I have done so many things as a result of it.  Time to share my successes (and occasional disasters).

My monthly recurring post will be a review on a book that I read.  I used to be an avid reader but having two children under the age of three and no longer having a 3-hour daily commute put a halt to the books I was devouring.  I want to get back into reading.  My goal is not lofty as it is now trying to finish one-book per month.  Maybe I will get lucky and have read two (three, four….) books and I will get to choose what book to review?  Here’s hoping.

And here’s hoping you all stay tuned.  Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to use WordPress properly and gain new readers too.  Oh new year!  How I love all the possibilities you contain!

Happy 2013!