M.I.A. Again

I think my last post promised that I would be writing more.  Well, that didn’t happen – sorry.  I started a few drafts that I will get up one of these days.  In the coming weeks (when I get my bannock buns in gear) you should probably see posts on:

–       Our trek up North

–       Antibiotic hell

–       Resolutions, Smesolutions

–       Idle No More

–       Junk food wasted (AKA don’t you put it in your mouth)

–       Holiday weight gain and my quest to lose 30+ pounds

–       The breastfeeding crusade

–       How I became a co-sleeping Mommy

–       Post-natal hair loss (AKA wookies in the drain)

–       My new vision board

–       And more…. these are just the drafts that I have to finish.

I’ve been thinking about how to keep up my writing momentum and I decided to do bi-weekly themed posts as well as a monthly themed post. 

I came up with my first weekly themed post as I was running (which also fell by the wayside this month – bad, bad girl!)  Running with music helps me stay the course.  Songs will come up on the playlist that transport me back to a long forgotten or fondly remembered time in my life.  Some songs have lyrics that just resonate with how I may be feeling that particular day.   I will be getting back to running this week and I plan to run every week, hence my weekly recurring post would focus on the song and memory/feeling that it invokes.  The running should keep the songs coming and the need to choose a song should keep me running.  A win-win situation if you ask me. 

The second weeks themed post will be on some thing really cool that I purchased, crafted, cooked or baked.  I’ve been seriously crushing on Pinterest for a while now and I have done so many things as a result of it.  Time to share my successes (and occasional disasters).

My monthly recurring post will be a review on a book that I read.  I used to be an avid reader but having two children under the age of three and no longer having a 3-hour daily commute put a halt to the books I was devouring.  I want to get back into reading.  My goal is not lofty as it is now trying to finish one-book per month.  Maybe I will get lucky and have read two (three, four….) books and I will get to choose what book to review?  Here’s hoping.

And here’s hoping you all stay tuned.  Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to use WordPress properly and gain new readers too.  Oh new year!  How I love all the possibilities you contain!

Happy 2013!


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