Northern Comfort

I finally started running again this week.  Hooray me!  I can almost hear the sigh of relief from the seams of my jeans.  Things were getting a little (okay – a lot!) tight.  Running usually clears my head, gives me time to process thoughts and sometimes sparks a great idea.  I think I have waaayy too much to process lately because running is just not cutting it.  My brain is such a jumble.  Maybe writing will help?  I don’t know.

I thought I would give it a try.  I sat staring at my saved list with my four or five drafts staring back at me.  I did not have a feel for any of them, yet I did not know what I wanted to newly write about.  I then glanced down the bed at my feet (yes, I’m in bed at 8 PM).  My feet clad in the biggest, wooliest, blue socks ever.  Don’t hold me to that, but they are pretty big and blue.  See my photo.


Big Blues

Now I tried to pose my feet in the photo so that it did appear that I have ankles.  No dice.  I do have skinny Nish ankles under there – I swear.  The socks are just that big.  Why am I wearing such big socks, you ask?

These socks were made by my Granny for my Grandpops.  Now Grandpops was not the smallest guy around.  He was well over 6 feet tall with a size 13 shoe.  He was one large dude.  He used to wear a hat that said F.B.I. which in the days before Facebook meant F@c$ing Big Indian.

Now I loved these socks since the day my Granny made them.  I am now wondering why I never just asked Granny to make my own pair for a 5’8″, size 8 shoed girl.  I guess I didn’t need to because my Grandpops passed not too long after the socks were made and passed on to me.  I’m also actually glad that I never did ask for my own socks.  For these giant socks bring me comfort.

I wear these socks when I’m sick.  I wear these socks when I’m sad.  I wear these socks when I’m relaxing in front of the fire knitting or reading.  You get the picture.

The reason that these socks are out again was because I was cold.  It has been colder than usual here in the GTA and my bed was freezing!  I got up and pulled on the socks.  I slid back under the covers and had the sleep only a child has.  That’s the power of the socks.  They bring so much comfort from a time when I was young and my Granny and Grandpops were still here with us.

Maybe that’s the true reason the socks are out.  I just need some comfort to ease my jumbled mind.