Week One (Again!)

I just completed my first week of training…again.

I did a Couch to 5K at the end of last year but the “most wonderful” time of the year came and went. With it came indulgence and very little exercise. I finally got back on the wagon mid January. My meal choices improved and I stopped eating out. This was my first week back to running though, this time training for a specific run – The Toronto Sporting Life 10K. My first race!

During my run tonight I was thinking about different ways to keep me accountable to my health. One way is to continue to allow the training app post statuses and tweets on my behalf. I finally figured out how to keep the app from doing this but then I had more than a few people tell me that it inspired them. In fact, I now have a cousin using the same training program as me and friends using the C25K and the half marathon app.

Another way is to write about my weekly progress here. I’ve decided to post a few things about my week and one of the songs that made my playlist for the week. Hopefully, it will keep the others (and myself) motivated.

Lastly, I was thinking (and I STRESS thinking) about posting my weight, BMI and body fat% until I reach my goal weight. Now this would make me ultra-accountable but I am just not sure if I am brave enough yet. We’ll see.

So here are the stats from my first week:

All Indoor treadmill runs

Time – 90 minutes, 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Distance – 6.2 miles (or almost 10K)

Intervals – 1 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute warm up and cool down

Walk speed – 3.5/mph

Run speed – I started at jogging at 5 mph but my average speed was 5.5 mph. I increase my speed as the run progresses and then go all out on the last minute. The fastest speed was only 6.5 mph this week.

Calories burned – 760

Play list song – My Wish by Rascall Flats played while stretching. This song makes me think about my kids. They are my main reason for becoming healthier.

Check back next week. It should be a fairly easy week again. I guess my body remembered more from the C25K than I thought it did.